From left to right, musical artists Laurlyn, Robyn Harris, and Billy and The Devil

AYSBLT: Laurlyn, Robyn Harris, Billy and The Devil

All three of these tracks are at the top of our Depression You Can Dance To Spotify playlist this week. Listen while you read! “Atone” – Laurlyn Laurlyn’s debut single “Atone” sounds a lot more like an established artist’s first solo release after waiting out a restrictive 10 year record deal. It’s experienced, it’s freeing, and it’s honest as hell. She opens with a deep, tender vocal over simple piano chords that quickly find their place amongst a textural soundscape of grooving percussion and evocative, brassy synths. “Atone” is theatrical in its seamless ebbs and flows, but at its heart

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A woman walks into a cave behind text that reads "Emily Gray - Hidden Message"

AYSBLT: Emily Gray – Hidden Message

Artists You Should Be Listening To: Emily Gray Emily Gray’s new folk-pop bop “Hidden Message” is darkly uplifting. It launches with a charming, wordy verse that builds to impossibly catchy floating harmonies in the chorus. When she hits the bridge we bounce to a minor key to get a touch of ’90s singer/songwriter throwback a la Lisa Loeb, “Ladrones”-era Shakira, or Shawn Colvin. Watch the video below or follow Emily Gray on your social obsession of choice: Spotify • Facebook • Instagram • Tiktok