The Cancellations

depression you can dance to

The members of The Cancellations gather around a table in the style of the Last Supper. The table is adorned with bread loaves and wine goblets, some in suggestive shapes. At the center of the portrait stand Depression and Dance, The Cancellations' wacky waving flailing arm flailing tube friends.
The Cancellations performing live at the East Room, surrounded by a swirl of colorful lights

Outlaw pop. Y’allternative. Theatrical indie dream rock. Deep space nineties. Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube music.


it’s too cold to tour see y’all in ’24

requisite capitalism

A bandana featuring The Cancellations' mascots, Depression & Dance.

Imagine Lilith Fair with a distortion pedal and 20 years of economic instability.