The Cancellations

depression you can dance to

The Cancellations play live on stage at a concert. The center of the photo is framed by slow exposure lights of blue, orange and pink.
A looping video of Ellie laying in the dirt playing guitar and pretending to die on repeat, shot from above. She is wearing a white dress with an orange tie and crinoline.

listen on

A looping video of a shot glass on a bar, and someone pouring a flask marked "poison" into it.

a song about killing a dude for telling you to smile, tee hee

The cover at for The Cancellations "Smile." It features a dog in a party hat and a bow tie. The dog is smiling while several masculine hands reach for him.
Clips from the video for The Cancellations - "Happy Endings (Aren't for Us)" featuring Ellie and Marsden playing guitar, and Joe playing bass.

requisite capitalism

A bandana featuring The Cancellations' mascots, Depression & Dance.

Imagine Lilith Fair with a distortion pedal and 20 years of economic instability.

A screenshot of a Tiktok comment thread.
User I love it. It's like if Shania Twain had unresolved trauma. (2 likes, 31m ago)
User thecancellations: screenshotting this to put it in our press kit (0 likes, 1s ago)