The Cancellations: Depression You Can Dance To

about the cancellations

Ellie Maybe & The Cancellations are a hooky, heavy pop act based out of Nashville, with roots in the Midwest. Their sound is drenched in ’90s nostalgia yet highlighted by more modern sonic textures in the violin, synth, and layered vocal harmonies. Maybe’s catchy melodies belie her dark and often self-deprecating lyrics, while the driving bass and expressive guitar leads keep the songs upbeat and engaging. Ellie Maybe and The Cancellations make depression you can dance to.

origin of the cancellations

The Cancellations originated in Madison, WI in 2017. Their lineup featured Chicago glam-pop veteran Ellie Maybe (The Maybenauts, Geri X) on vocals and guitar, backed by local rockers Joe Golemb (4 Aspirin Morning, Doctor Noize) on bass and the late and legendary Derek Brady (Derx Brax Band, Underground Day 1) on lead guitar.

Named for their rigorous practice schedule, the band never played a show before Brady tragically passed away in 2018. The exceptional J. Marsden stepped in to play Brady’s leads when their first live set occurred at his memorial show, cementing his own role in the Cancellations amidst the tears and heartbreak. Of all people, Derek would have appreciated the irony.